About us

The firm

GRUPO LLORÉNS-TORRES is composed of Lawyers, Economists, Auditors, Consultants and Property Managers, each of them specialized in different fields relating to the business world, individual law and law in general. Every professional in our group are interrelated with the others to tackle collaborative solutions when the problem needs the consultation of more than one professional.

The Group’s Consolidation was made in 1995 by the current executives, Sagrario and Montserrat Lloréns. However, they started their professional career together in 1992 with other companies and corporations. Nowadays, the firm count with their own associated members and an associated partner network at an international level as a national level.  So, our Group is be able to provide a high-level assistance suited to the interests and needs of the clients.

All our members share the same values and have undertaken the common commitment to maintain the high level of responsibility and knowledge, communications skills in different languages and experience to provide solutions effectively and professionally and the assistance that our clients need.

Always we are looking for the highest quality in our services without forgetting our traditions values. Our clients will feel comfortable for our personal and proximity treatment, available 24 hours per day. Every moment, we will have a professional team available to solve any requirement that may arise.

Our multidiscipline office, provides to every individual person or company, national or international, and public administrations, all the answers that you need quickly and effectively, using the latest technologies to give you the information, providing meeting spaces and assistance across our collaborators companies and offices.

Our main offices around the world:
– Novelda-Alicante
– Alicante
– Denia
– Murcia
– Barcelona
– Madrid
– Hangzhou (China)
– Singapur (Singapur)

* Our property management services only are provided in our office in Novelda-Alicante.

Our Philosophy

If there are something that every clients look for, even when they’re business man or not, is that the lawyers and the economists are near them with all the team together, because the client needs to know that his problem or need is a priority for they.

We spend a lot of time and resources to meet with the client for the study and preparation of the matter. We increase the cooperation between our professionals, also we are available for our clients even on weekends or bank holidays, if is necessary. In addition, we are really polyvalent because we know that is important having the capability to deal with multidisciplinary teams. It is the kind of professional that you will find in our firm.

As we are a reduced team, if you compare with big lawyer offices, we have a responsibility to be extremely efficient and not to risk with unexperienced people. All the members of our group, lawyers, economists, consultants and administrators, have a deep knowledge on the matter and they know what are the needs and demands of clients. So we can say that our services are personalized, efficient and close. Finally, we can say that our error margin is almost zero. The society changes permanently, so we have to do it simultaneously.

The team

Sagrario Lloréns

Licenciada en Ciencias Económicas y Empresariales. Master en Auditoría de Cuentas, Contabilidad de Sociedades, Auditoría Interna y Análisis Contable.

Montserrat Lloréns

Licenciada en Derecho. Especialista en Comunidades Europeas y Unión Europea. Experta en Propiedad Intelectual e Industrial. Abogada.

Diana Fernández de Vega

Licenciada en Derecho. Abogada.

Nicolás Merle Suay

Licenciado en Derecho. Abogado.

Julián Rico Poveda

Diplomado en Administración y Relaciones Laborales.

Asuncién Mañogil

Licenciada en Derecho. Abogada. Especialista en Derecho Penal. Mediadora en materia de familia.

José Pascual Poveda

Doctor en Ciencias Económicas y Empresariales. Auditor de Cuentas. Licenciado en Derecho. Profesor honorífico de la Universidad de Alicante.

Montse Gómez

Licenciada en Derecho. Especialista en Derecho Internacional. Abogada.